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Looking for a Lead Developer

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We’ve been scrapping together our web design/ frontend development between freelancers and off-shoring however we’ve been actively on the search for the last couple of months to bring on that Lead Developer in-house who i) shares the vision w/ the team, ii) has the right chemistry fit, iii) is looking to be involved in a dynamically evolving startup, iv) can scale w/ the company in the next few years.

Blank Label‘s vision is to change the way young guys buy clothes by selling mass-customized, i.e. individually-made pieces for between $55-85. The core of the team is myself (brand, supply side, operations, fashion design), lead web strategist (seo, social media, content creation) and lead designer (UI, UX, web page design), as well as three interns who help across various tasks. In the 8 months or so that we’ve been around, we’ve set up supply-side in Shanghai, have acquired 140 customers through in-person event selling, been written up in the Boston Globe and winning the Babson SGA Student Business of the Year.

Lead developer in early-stage mass-customization dress shirt startup. We’re looking for a core developer who is a deep technologist, and has an interest in building an e-commerce web platform that allows a user to visualize their own shirt design. Our current visualization configurator is built in Flash (AS3 and Flex), and the immediate focus will be pushing it to market. Going forward, the main components of development will be client-side UI and UX on the website as a whole, performance and functionality of the configurator, and some server-side capabilities that can manage the large database of options. There will definitely need to be language background in AS3 and JavaScript as we will probably be looking to build out both the website and the configurator in AJAX. Our hiring will be more based on attitude and genuine interest in programming (including possible open-source contributions), more than current skill set. We are fundamentally looking for someone with the programing background, but moreover the programming passion to work with the driven and motivated team.

Getting Started:
Given startups are so much about how the team operates together, we’re really looking to start on a short-term 2-3 wk paid project, with the goal of finding out whether everyone believes this could all work out. Being self-funded to date, post the trial period, the compensation will be in the form of equity. However we’re not looking for you to give away your work for free by any means. We are not that far from being able to have the platform that can start generating revenue quickly, and where cash distribution for salary is definitely a priority. And a group decision on timing of fund-raising (we’ve already begun conversation with a couple of venture firms and angel groups waiting for us to build the team that can actually build the vehicle to sell out product).

Written by Fan Bi

September 21, 2009 at 8:17 pm


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