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first time entrepreneurs, do 2 of the following 3

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a big advocate for the influence of environment, i find myself surrounded by first-time entrepreneurs because i find it useful to share notes, laugh about mistakes we’ve all made, and mostly importantly have a common naive belief we can all change the world. the statistical reality is that we all won’t. that in fact it’ll be well less than half of us. unfortunately that fact alone will put off a lot of people.

one of my favorite entrepreneurs, founder of pyramid digital solutions, blogger of on startups and co-founder and cto ofhubspotdharmesh shah, once said, entrepreneurs should i) learn useful things, ii) meet interesting people, iii) make money, and if you’ve done two of the three, you’ve done okay. as a first time entrepreneur, this was especially pertinent. everyone knows founding a startup is a rollercoaster, in the morning you feel like you’re going to change the world, in the afternoon you feel your company has three weeks left to exist. in the lows i inevitably go through, i think about dharmesh’s point is well made. in the worst of it, i’m still so glad i’ve given this a go. my personal development as a human being, my learning curve as a business person has been so much better for it. i’ve had the most amazing opportunity to meet truly inspirational world changers. and thankfully blank label‘s started making money. but if for whatever reason if the last one wasn’t the case one day, no one can ever take the other two away from me.

[photo courtesy of tomdog, dharmesh teaching more useful startup lessons]

being in a student leadership position at babson, i get the good fortune of seeing and meeting a lot of students at babson and olin college exploring opportunities for their first entrepreneurial endeavor. they’re always concerned about their idea not being a big enough marketing opportunity, that the idea isn’t somehow sexy enough, that they’re somehow not going to make massive bank in three years. first i tell them that very few people make serious bank in three years. i also encourage them to pursue opportunities that they or someone they know and trust have the skill set to carry it out. but more importantly in my most cliched voice possible, i tell them to pursue something they’re actually genuinely interested in, or dare i say it, even passionate about.

balance of probability will have it that you’re not going to make bank on your first venture, but if you care about it, you’ll be active in it. with that, you’ll cross the biggest hurdle in a startup, and that’s the initial 100 day momentum, i.e. getting started. you’ll research, you’ll speak to prospective users, you’ll tell everyone and anyone you meet. you’ll meet the most amazing people, many of whom will genuinely want to help you. and you’ll learn so many useful things about so many different things, and arguably most importantly, about yourself.


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