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With Whom are you Looking to Speak With?

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Presenting to a public audience rule 101, know who they are. That doesn’t change with the internet. I know who my community is in the physical plane, those in Boston who share common interests, are like-minded in philosophy, intersect in areas of expertise. The web, and this blog, allows my community to not be limited to my physical geography. And it helps articulate my thoughts perhaps more thoroughly than 140 characters.

Most of my musings will be related to my core areas of interest; i) understanding Gen Y dynamics, ii) venture creation, and iii) networking with unreasonable people. It will be a candid perspective of what I see going on with the consumers of Blank Label, the startup I dedicate my life to, my exploration of what it means to be an entrepreneur especially at the early stages, and my interactions with various interesting people in my journeying, mostly in the active Boston tech, startup, VC arena.

It’s my firm belief that all three are undeniably linked, and mostly in relation to the increasing supply of student entrepreneurs entering the marketplace and looking for substantial meaning as a value system in life. As Gen Y starts to become more prominent in corporate America, we’re going to feel displaced and dissatisfied at what we do after the initial honeymoon period. We find the corporate world stuffy, uninspiring, and a far cry for the action-driven activities we were involved with at school. Although I’ve only experienced limited amounts of corporate industry, a quick read of my resume will highlight that I probably stayed there long enough to hate it. And turning to venture creation as an outlet for something more meaningful is becoming a popular choice.

The economy isn’t THE reason for it, rather acting more like a catalyst. Now I’m naive and irrational enough to think that a team of undergraduate students can build a high-potential company, but I’m not stupid enough to think I can do it without the help of others. This is where networking comes in. Something I’ve noticed, although slowly changing, is that not many undergraduate students are being confident and proactive on the Boston networking scene. This is unfortunate because Blank Label’s been able to benefit a lot, including Board Advisors and press.

I really want to use this as a medium to share my experiences and lessons learnt from all three areas of focus. Making unoriginal mistakes is a terrible shame, and I’m a big believer in this school of thought that knowledge is never wasted. I don’t know how many people will find this useful, but in any case what I do know is that this will be an honest, sometimes brutally so, perspective of one young Chinese Australian’s journey as an entrepreneur in Boston.

Viewing Entourage s5 ep5 Fore! whilst writing this blog.

Written by Fan Bi

August 11, 2009 at 2:59 am


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